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Achieving Identity Resiliency

Once an individual’s identity has been compromised there is no mechanism in place to restore that person’s identity to wholeness.  This document discusses why that strategic deficiency is no longer acceptable.  It describes what is necessary to rectify this omission and provides an example of how this can be accomplished.

John Halamka's Next Steps

In a recent blog, John Halamka outlined his next steps for the National Healthcare agenda.

In addition to calling for the establishment of a National Patient Identifier, John also makes some interesting suggestions regarding the alignment of patient privacy laws across the country.

See John's complete article at


GPII Enters CHIME Challenge

GPII has entered the CHIME Challenge.  We offer a completely open solution that affords many other companies an opportunity to work with us.  Our submission for the Concept Blitz Phase will be made available to interested parties when permitted by the Challenge.

One Million Data Breaches in One Month

One Million Data Breaches in One Month

A recent article reported that in the past month there have been nine major healthcare data breachs resulting in the exposure of personal information on more than 1,000,000 patients.  This reinforces the need for healthcare to implement improved privacy and security measures to enable proper protection of healthcare information.


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