Our Services

Simple, powerful, easy to use services

GPII provides identifier services using <prTags> that healthcare providers can use to meet both their patient identification and privacy protection needs.  

All GPII Services are provided without GPII having any knowledge of any patients to whom a <prTag> is assigned.  All of our operations are performed anonymously.  We never see, store or transmit any of your demographic or clinical information.  Rather, it is the healthcare organizations that use GPII services that link a specific identifier to an individual's clinical information.  This ensures that the GPII system cannot ever represent any threat to patient privacy.  GPII services are available on the Internet on a 24 x 7 basis so that patients and care providers can use them whenever and wherever needed.

Our services are very simple but they enable a powerful set of healthcare benefits.  Not only do they enable you as a patient to assure accurate identification at each of your medical encounters, you can use them to manage the privacy of your information.  They help you avoid most of the risks for identity theft and they make activities like registering for a doctor visit as efficient as possible.  GPII <prTags> are architected to be easily integrated into the existing information system capabilities of healthcare organizations.

GPII services are focused on issuing and maintaining <prTags>, standards-compliant patient identifiers.  A GPII customer organization can obtain as many <prTags> as it needs and distribute them to patients as appropriate to support their healthcare requirements.  Note that every <prTag> contains embedded check digits and an embedded privacy class.  The check digits prevent acceptance of an invalid identifier, for example, one that was mistyped during manual entry or an atttempt to create a counterfeit identifier.  The privacy class determines how access to the data associated with the identifier has been restricted by the patient who owns that identifier.

For details on GPII Services see Introduction to GPII Services.

Other Services

In addition to the automated services above, the GPII staff participate in a variety of other activities that may be of interest.  We track developments in the patient matching, identity, and privacy fields.  We informally consult with healthcare organizations concerning how to realize more accurate and efficient patient identity management operations.  We also make presentations at conferences and perform analyses of the impact of patient identification errors and privacy breaches.  All of these additional services occur on an informal basis.  We would be happy to talk with your organization to see how we might be of assistance.