About GPII

Accurate patient identification and patient privacy must never be an "either or" choice.

GPII is a healthcare not-for-profit company that was formed in 2008 with a focus on accurately matching patients to their healthcare records and improving patient privacy.  The services we offer represent an implementation of two ASTM International/ANSI standards - E 1714 and E 2553.  The company is governed by a board of directors and is located in Tucson, Arizona. 

GPII believes that the use of <prTags> can have enormous benefit for the U.S. healthcare industry.  They can enable truly functional interoperability of clinical information.  They can empower patients to simply and effectively manage the privacy of their clinical data.  They can help prevent medical errors.  They can reduce the risk of identity theft and make it easy to recover from violations of patient privacy.  We are actively seeking relationships with healthcare entites that are working to improve the functioning of healthcare through the use of automation services.