Business Approach

Managing healthcare identification services is GPII's only business.

Our business is focused solely on healthcare and the spectrum of healthcare-related activities including medical education, medical research, healthcare reimbursement, public health activities, and the like.

GPII chose not-for-profit status to allow us to offer our services at the lowest possible price.  It also protects us from most of the business uncertainties associated with for-profit companies.  However, in order to offer a complete solution to customers, we expect to work closely with healthcare for-profit companies that will complement our services and benefit from the use of <prTags> in their activities.  

GPII's priorities and activities are driven exclusively by the desire to provide healthcare with a set of improved capabilities founded on the ability to accurately link medical information across the many healthcare silos that exist.  Our approach is to use <prTags> to accurately link patient information while empowering patients to better manage the privacy of their healthcare data. Healthcare organizations that implement GPII services will realize a number of additional benefits which include the elimination of duplicate tests, cost savings, improved operational efficiency, reduced incidence of identity theft and better recovery from 'medical errors' such as healthcare data breaches.

GPII uses a transaction-based pricing model that allows customers to achieve financial benefits with little upfront cost.  Our Return-On-Investment calculator, which uses each prospective customer's own data, can be used to estimate financial benefits that will be realized after implementation.  Please contact us if you would like to evaluate the potential benefit of GPII Services for your organization.