Offered uniquely by GPII

Based on the careful evaluation work done by the ASTM International standards group that initially developed the specifications, the GPII system offers a substantial set of benefits to its customer organizations.

The system features listed below provide opportunities for enhanced patient safety, more efficient operations, cost savings, better clinical outcomes, improved patient privacy and ultimately increased patient and provider satisfaction:

  • Accuracy - <prTags> provide a degree of accuracy in matching patients to patient records not previously possible.  This feature alone leads to massive improvements in efficiency and cost savings.
    • Having correct, complete data available for each encounter dramatically improves the safety of clinical care through the use of tools such as clinical decision support.

  • Simplicity - GPII processes and <prTags> are as simple as possible.  It is easy to explain how the system works which lends itself to correct usage by patients and providers.
  • Flexibility - Implementation options provide flexibility -
    • to the organization in meeting diverse operational requirements, and 
    • to patients in managing their health record privacy options.
  • Efficiency - The best example of improvements in efficiency are in the registration process.  Over time this will become very similar to an ATM transaction - fast, efficient and error free.
  • Error reduction - Healthcare organization operations can be streamlined to achieve high levels of efficiency that substantially reduce errors and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Privacy built in - Accuracy in itself is not enough.  Patients must have the assurance that their healthcare data is managed according to their express wishes.  The system allows patients to create and maintain the privacy of their healthcare information by segmenting data across open and private <prTags>.
  • Anonymous operation - The system can support partial or full anonymity of clinical information.  While the benefits of this to patients are obvious there are also substantial benefits to organizations in providing clinical data for research, education and public health  reporting.
  • Comprehensive medical data - By accurately linking healthcare records, the system enables the rapid and accurate creation of a comprehensive medical record for each patient while continuing to observe each person's privacy restrictions.
  • Patient empowerment - The system allows patients to make privacy choices according to their unique clinical and personal situation.  This leads to a significant increase in patient satisfaction.
  • Privacy evolution - No patient's privacy requirements are static.  The system ensures that patients, with their care providers, can modify their privacy requirements over time as their situation changes.
  • Performance - Sub-second response of GPII Services allows other information systems to benefit from our services with little impact on their overall system performance.
  • Integation - GPII Services are designed to work with existing information systems that healthcare organization have in place.  This includes EMPI, EHR and ATD systems.  The cost of implementation is minimal.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Because GPII is a not-for-profit organization our services are offered as inexpensively as possible.  
  • Scalability - <prTags> are designed to scale to a global level.  Services can be distributed across a wide geography ensuring scalability and rapid service response.