Costs and Value

GPII provides significant monetary value to healthcare

There are always costs incurred when implementing or changing an existing information system.  GPII Services are no exception.  However, GPII, which eliminates many errors and makes operations more efficient, generates a substantial return on investment very quickly.  Our system creates many opportunities for cost savings and brings significant value to the healthcare organization.  

GPII is a not-for-profit company and GPII Services are offered at the minimal cost possible.  We make use of open source software for the interfaces to our servers, saving clients most of this development expense.  The system is designed to integrate easily with existing information systems such as EHR (Electronic Health Record), EMPI (Enterprise Master Person Index) and ATD (admission, transfer, and discharge) systems.  This permits healthcare organizations to maximize the value of their existing information system investments. 

Return on investment

In order to help healthcare organizations quantify savings they can expect from our services, GPII has developed a return on investment calculator.  This ROI calculator accepts input specific to a prospective customer's current activities and estimates cost savings specific to that customer's operation.  At your request, we can schedule an interactive session to evaluate your insitution's potential cost savings and return on investment.

To use GPII Services you will need:

  • To implement an interface to the GPII servers (open source software is available)
  • To restructure the admitting department workflow
  • To train staff
  • To design an identification token(s)
  • To develop a method to create and issue identification tokens (cards, smartcards, phone apps, etc.)
  • To test and verify new procedures

The ongoing costs you will incur to use GPII Services include:

  • Transaction fees for the use of GPII Services
  • Ongoing training of new staff members