Provider Benefits

<prTag> guarantees accurate, complete, current patient information

Most importantly, GPII offers care providers the opportunity to have an accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive patient record to support each patient encounter. 

As more patient data from diverse sources is available electronically, the ability to link that data without error across all these systems becomes paramount.  GPII Services provide the most reliable method to connect data across information systems.

No overlays and duplicates

Accurate patient linking means the danger of one patient's health information being overlaid with another patient's health information is eliminated.  Similarly, the chance of a patient's health information being improperly split over two records leading to 'lost' data is virtually eliminated.  Providers are assured that each patient record is matched correctly to each individual.  GPII's ability to do this while honoring the patient's privacy wishes is unique in the industry.

Patient privacy from the provider's viewpoint

What if a physician treats a patient who has previously decided to withhold some of their information for privacy reasons?  Of course, that situation occurs today - the patient simply chooses not to reveal that private information to the physician.  But with GPII Services it is possible to enact safeguards to ensure that this does not harm the patient.  For example, the clinical decision support (CDS) system functioning in that physician's EHR could be made aware of that patient's complete medical record and warn the physician against taking actions that might cause harm.  Due to privacy constraints, it may not be possible for the CDS to document why that action is prohibited but the warning would prevent the physician from causing patient harm while continuing to honor that patient's privacy wishes.  Again, this capability is unique to GPII.

Of course, there is also a problem with providing life-saving emergency treatment with an incomplete medical record.  Withholding medical information in this circumstance may represent a serious risk to the patient's life.  GPII makes it possible for an emergency room physician working with an EHR system to 'break the glass'.  This overrides patient privacy constraints and provides all the information needed to administer life-saving care.  Once the emergency has passed, GPII can restore the patient's privacy by replacing each of the identifiers involved in the 'break the glass' episode.  Again, this capability is unique to GPII.

GPII enables these capabilities by working with your existing healthcare information systems.