Patient Matching

Designing a Durable Patient Identification System for Healthcare

Dr. Barry Hieb is an expert in the field of patient identification.  His work in this area spans several decades.  He is passionate about find a solution to the problem of patient misidentification that is acceptable to all involved in healthcare delivery and that empowers patients to manage their healthcare appropriately.  This paper summarizes requirements for such a solution.

Montefiore CIO on patient ID and population health

A basic challenge we face

One of the "Basic challenges that we face" says Jack Wolf, Montefiore Medical Center's Chief Information Officer "is the lack of a unique patient identifier".

'When you get into population health, tracking these patients is very dependent on being able to uniquely identify that it is the same patient'

ONC SAFER patient identification self assessment

ONC SAFER patient identification self assessment

In January of 2014 the ONC released a Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience (SAFER) report on patient identification.  This is a self assessment tool to be used by healthcare organizations that want to determine how well they are doing in the patient identification area.  It focuses on 14 measures of patient identification quality.


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