Identity and Privacy - both Essential and Possible

Both information exchange and privacy are essential.

An important principle of the GPII system is that both accurate identification and flexible privacy are essential.

Accurate identification

Accurate identification is a foundational bedrock of clinical automation and enbles information exchange.  If you cannot accurately identify which person each piece of medical information relates to then you cannot reliably offer value to that person and you are at risk of doing them great harm.  Inaccurate identification is a precursor to malpractice and negligence in healthcare.  Not only does it place the caregiver organization at risk of causing medical harm to the patient, it also means that the organization cannot honor that patient's privacy consents and directives because it cannot be sure that the privacy permissions it is using are actually those of the patient.

Flexible privacy

In order to engender patient trust, clinical automation systems must support highly personalized privacy for each patient.  While one patient may be perfectly comfortable having her Ob/gyn data as part of her open record, another patient may want to keep this information separate and tightly controlled.  The same dichotomy applies to a wide variety of other types of clinical information.  Information systems that offer the patient an ability to configure the privacy of their clinical information in whatever way they require will be the clear winners in achieving both patient and provider satisfaction.