GPII Enters CHIME Challenge

GPII has entered the CHIME Challenge.  We offer a completely open solution that affords many other companies an opportunity to work with us.  Our submission for the Concept Blitz Phase will be made available to interested parties when permitted by the Challenge.

Patient-controlled Access to Electronic Medical Records

Patient-controlled access to Electronic Medical Records

In this real-world trial conducted by the Regenstrief Institute, 49 percent of the 105 patients who participated elected to withhold information contained in their medical record from some or all of their health care providers. Patients strongly desired such control, while their providers had mixed reactions.

Montefiore CIO on patient ID and population health

A basic challenge we face

One of the "Basic challenges that we face" says Jack Wolf, Montefiore Medical Center's Chief Information Officer "is the lack of a unique patient identifier".

'When you get into population health, tracking these patients is very dependent on being able to uniquely identify that it is the same patient'