Patient matching

Designing a Durable Patient Identification System for Healthcare

Dr. Barry Hieb is an expert in the field of patient identification.  His work in this area spans several decades.  He is passionate about find a solution to the problem of patient misidentification that is acceptable to all involved in healthcare delivery and that empowers patients to manage their healthcare appropriately.  This paper summarizes requirements for such a solution.

GPII Enters CHIME Challenge

GPII has entered the CHIME Challenge.  We offer a completely open solution that affords many other companies an opportunity to work with us.  Our submission for the Concept Blitz Phase will be made available to interested parties when permitted by the Challenge.

HIMSS Patient Identity Integrity

Patient Identity Integrity

This is a 60 page white paper prepared by the HIMSS Patient Identity Integrity Work Group in December, 2009 investigating the status of patient matching.  It includes discussions on current matching approaches and their shortcomings, the role of unique identifiers, the importance of proper procedures, and a brief discussion of the GPII system.


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