<prTag> will help to reduce the cost of US Healthcare

There are several reasons why the cost of healthcare is increased because of patient identification errors:

  • Duplicate tests are performed because recent test results cannot be located
  • Providers spend time looking for information that has been mis-placed
  • Multiple patient records are created because existing records cannot be located.  It takes time and dollars to merge records.
  • Patient records are overlayed with another patient because of mistakes in matching patients to records.  These mistakes are costly to repair
  • In this last scenario the potential for substantial litigation costs is high
  • Mitigation of identity theft is costly

What does GPII offer?

Our services will:

  • Eliminate errors in matching patients to their healthcare records
  • Significantly reduce duplicate testing
  • Virtually eliminate multiple patient records and overlays
  • Provide added protection against identity theft
  • Reduce the cost of repairing identity theft substantially