Patient Privacy

<prTag> empowers you to manage the privacy of your medical record

Medical information is probably the most sensitive personal data we have.  It is highly personal and each of us has an opinion about what we are willing to share and with whom. 


There cannot be any 'one size fits all' approach to privacy.  Each patient must be able to tailor their privacy requirements to fit their unique medical and social situation. 


Further complicating matters, various automation systems have varying privacy capabilities making a consistent approach to privacy difficult to implement. 


What does GPII offer?

Most importantly, GPII offers the ability to tailor privacy to each individual:

  • Patients can make their own decisions about what information should be available to all of their caregivers and what should be restricted
  • Each patient can make his or her own privacy decisions independent of other patients
  • Patients can change their privacy wishes over time to meet new medical and social requirements
  • If privacy errors occur they can be easily and rapidly corrected
A major advantage of the GPII approach to privacy is that it can be implemented across a wide variety of automation systems and meets all of the criteria listed in the accompanying list of requirements.