Patient Satisfaction

<prTag> can eliminate the clipboard - wouldn't that be nice!

Why do I always have to filled out those forms on the clipboard?

Even when I make a repeat visit to the same physician, I am given the clipboard again.

How can I be sure that I get the details correct every time?

There must be a better way.  Healthcare providers should be able to share information - as long as they respect my privacy wishes - there may be some healthcare information I want to be able to make available to only certain providers.

What does GPII offer?

GPII offers services that improve operations for both patients and providers.

  • Registration for an encounter can be made as simple and as rapid as an ATM transaction - no more clipboard
  • The incidence of errors such as lost information can be dramatically reduced
  • The incidence of problems such as identity theft is reduced
  • The patient plays a key role in creating and maintaining a comprehensive and accurate patient record

GPII also enables patients to manage the privacy of healthcare data.

  • Patients can make their own decisions about what information should be available to each of their caregivers and what should be restricted
  • Each patient can make privacy decisions independent of other patients
  • Patients can change their privacy wishes over time to meet new medical and social requirements
  • If privacy errors occur they can be easily and rapidly corrected